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About East Long

East Long is a full-service intellectual property and technology law firm run by leading lawyers and professionals in Greater China.  With offices in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taipei, we provide a broad range of intellectual property and technology law services covering the entire Greater China region, and we excel at solving complex and tough cases.

Legal Representation

The Best China Team

East Long professionals are leaders in intellectual property and technology law practice. We have extensive experience and expertise in helping multinational companies to effectively protect and enforce their core intellectual property in China.  Our clients include Apple, Cisco, DSM, Epson, Fujitsu, Google, HP, Intel, Pfizer, Seagate, Sony, TI, Toyota, and Yahoo!, etc., and we have constantly been rated as the leading IP and technology lawyers in Greater China.  Some of our members have been named as leading IP and technology law attorneys in Asia by Asialaw, Euromoney, and Managing IP magazine for years.

Legal Aid

Representative China Cases

Our team’s noteworthy track records include:

Patent Cases

  • We were in charge of building Cisco’s patent portfolio from ground zero in China and successfully enforced it against Huawei through a combination of effective negotiations and litigation.

  • We won the first and a very rare patent lawsuit for Toyota against an upcoming Chinese state-owned competitor at Beijing courts.

  • We prevailed in patent validity lawsuit against China’s State Intellectual Property Office for Pfizer, saved the validity of the Viagra patent and helped enforcing the patent in China.

  • We successfully defended Seagate and Sony against some of the earliest patent trolls cases in China.

  • We handled landmark standard related patent cases involving anti-monopoly regulations in China.

  • We assisted Intel in building an effective patent portfolio in China and successfully enforced it against a Taiwan infringer. 

Trademark Cases

  • We represented Google in obtaining its first well-known trademark recognition in China as well as helped select and register Google’s Chinese name as trademarks.


  • We successfully handled many trademark infringement cases and won first several well-know trademark recognition cases for Yahoo! in China.


  • We assisted the biggest social media company in the US to successfully register its trademarks in China and obtained well-known trademark recognition in China.


  • We helped a major Japanese consumer brand to win numerous trademark enforcement cases via both administrative and judicial channels in China.


Technology Law Cases 


  • We successfully structured Yahoo!’s entry into China and set up its first representative office in China as well as its acquisition of 3721 and investment in Ablibaba.

  • We advised the first two investments in the earliest Internet projects (Sohu and Sina) in China and handled their IPO in the US.

  • We represented Google in negotiating with the Chinese authorities to lift the 12-day ban of the search engine. 

  • We negotiated and established the first three Sino-foreign telecom joint venture companies involving China Unicom in China.

  • We established the first wholly-owned subsidiary of Cisco, Microsoft and TI in China.

  • We set up the first joint venture companies for HP, Microsoft and TI in China.








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