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Patent Litigation

Representation for parties in patent disputes/infringement cases via administrative proceedings and/or court proceedings in the fields of electricity, electronics, semiconductor manufacturing, telecommunication, networking, computer science, chemistry, chemical engineering, material science, life sciences, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, optical engineering, acoustics, mechanics and mechanical engineering.

Patent Re-Examination & Invalidation

Representation for parties in re-examination and invalidation proceedings before the Re-examination Committee of the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO);Representation for parties in court proceedings against decisions of re-examination or invalidation by the Re-examination Committee of the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO).

Patent Prosecution

ChinaIP4G has strategic approaches toward patent application preparation and prosecution based on a thorough application of technology, law and business concepts, to obtain strong high quality patent applications for our clients. ChinaIP4G provides end-to-end patent prosecution services including patent specification drafting, prior art search, office action responses and hearings before the court in China.

Patent License Negotiation

ChinaIP4G has extensive experience leading the patent licensing program of a Fortune 500 company to monetize its patent portfolio in China. Litigation is not always the answer to obtaining a license to your patent. Our technical team will analyze your patents landscape and marketing information to help determine what is the best monetization and licensing strategy.